About Us

Ice Cream Roll


Ice cream rolls originated in 2009, in Phuket Thailand. An ice cream roll is made by pouring milk on an ice grill and adding fruits and other ingredients for more flavor. What started as just street food, is now very popular and all across Thailand making it’s way to the U.S. .

Bubble Tea


  Bubble tea or Boba tea, originated in Taiwan where elementary school kids would walk around the many stands and try to find a refreshing drink after a long day. One lady who owned one of the stands, started adding flavors and bubbles to her tea. This quickly became popular among the kids, and when the other tea stands heard about this, they too started to add flavors and bubbles to their tea. Eventually, this style of refreshment started to spread all around Taiwan and now, is all over the world.

Snow Ice


Snow ice or “Xue Hua Bing” is a Taiwanese desert that has grown its popularity and spread all across Asia and Hawaii. Snow ice is made by using a snow ice base and putting it in a shaver which makes it into the fluffy, flavorfull, melt in your mouth, dessert that everyone loves.